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6x Bundled Fringed T-shirts w/ Blue Border

6x Bundled Fringed T-shirts w/ Blue Border

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100% Cotton UNISEX T-Shirts. Fringes are also Cotton as well. You may choose up to 6 colored shirts within a set, similar size chosen as a unit. If colors are NOT chosen, we'll choose colors on your behalf, & send random choice of colored styles for you. Our colors are. Rich, modernly distinctive & rare. Our Fringed T's Comes with customized fringes, w/ blue border (Numbers 15:38-39 KJVA).


Crew necked styles. 2 inch length fringes. Slits on sides of shirts may be requested as personalized customed tailoring. Please do not dry fringes after machine wash. Wash in cold water recommended, & within gentle cycle inside out to preserve colors. "Gilden brand" or "Fruit Of The Loom brand." High quality tailoring.

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